Strength Training and Conditioning

The basic premise of building muscle requires the breakdown and depletion of energy which is followed by recovery and growth. 


Building muscle with traditional strength training requires substantial overload of the tissue using heavy weight. This puts extreme load on our joints and requires many sets and numerous exercises in the gym to get the desired effect of increased muscle mass.


Typically, when we are lifting weights we are never activating 100% of our muscle fibers and must spend 2-3 hours overloading the tissue to truly accomplish effective breakdown of muscle for growth. As you can guess this method of building muscle is time consuming and inefficient, costing many hours in the gym to see results. 


In contrast, the Neubie device stimulates every muscle fiber with every contraction, no matter the weight. This leads to faster muscle growth with less weight and more efficient workouts. By intensifying their workout with the Neubie device, most clients only need to complete a one hour full body workout twice a week to see truly amazing muscle growth and improved physique. 


Faster Muscle Growth

Less Time In The Gym

Safer Than Lifting

Better For Your Joints

Target Specific Muscle Groups