Neurological Condition Training and Rehab

Traditional rehabilitation strategies for treating neurological conditions is to focus on compensation and “output” strategies. Output based interventions are focused on repeating movement strategies with assistance or improper form in the hopes that the neurological system will learn or pick-up on these strategies. This method often requires 1000’s of repetitions over weeks or months and even then it is not likely to have substantial impact. At GT Elite Performance we utilize the Neubie device to alter the “inputs” to quickly and effectively change the outputs. Essentially, by altering the signals that the nervous system is sending and receiving there is a faster learning effect and function improves. 

Utilizing this approach we have seen:

  • Decreased spasticity in Neurological conditions 

  • Improved sensation in neuropathy and SCI patients.

  • Improved muscle activation in SCI and MS patients. 

  • Improved balance in MS patients. 

  • Improved bowel & bladder function in SCI patients. 

  • Reduction or elimination of pain in those suffering from nerve pain. 

  • And much more! 


The Neubie device is also essential at maintaining muscle mass and strengthening weak/un-innervated muscles when there is damage or disruption to the signal from the brain. Utilizing a direct electrical current that is designed to closely match the natural electoral impulses in the body, the Neubie device stimulates muscle in a way that the body can interpret and accept. Traditional stimulation of muscles utilizes waveforms that do not naturally occur in the body, leading to co-contractions, reinforcement of bad muscle patterning, and increased spasticity. 


This technology is changing the face of neurological rehabilitation and can help improve your quality of life. To learn more about how the Neubie device can help with your condition please contact us.