The Neubie device, distributed by Neufit, is a revolutionary device that is changing the fitness and rehab industry. This FDA approved device is capable of reducing injury healing time by 30-70%, improving range of motion, increasing sports performance, eliminating chronic pain, and much more!

Recover From Surgery or Injury

The body interprets surgery and injury as one thing.. Trauma! In response to trauma, your brain and nervous system signal protective patterns to "lock down" the area of the body where the injury/surgery took place. This protective pattern creates stiffness by holding some muscles tight and creates weakness by turning some muscles off (and this turning off, for example, leads to muscle atrophy after many surgeries). Although this protective response may be a beneficial initially, it can very quickly become a problem because it slows down the overall healing process and creates movement dysfunction. Fortunately, the Neubie device can quickly identify and reset those responses to re-educate your nervous system and promote lasting healing. This process can be broken down into the following three steps: 

STEP 1: IDENTIFY - We start with a mapping process of the body, using the Neubie to identify exactly where the nervous system is imposing limitations on your body and restricting your movement.

STEP 2: RESET - Once identified we help reset these protective patterns to open pathways for the body to heal more effectively. When this happens the tight muscles begin to relax and weak muscles begin to strengthen. 

STEP 3: BREAK THROUGH - By working through these restrictions, you can tap into the range of motion, strength, and capacity for pain-free movement that you had all along. These breakthroughs add up to a more efficient and effective recovery, plus a reduced risk of injury in the future!

Reverse Chronic Pain

As we’ve learned in modern neuroscience, pain is not actually a signal of damage. Pain is an action signal, and it’s generated in the brain as your brain’s attempt to get you to do something different. Your brain creates this pain signal in response to perceived threat, and that perceived threat can come in many forms. Using the Neubie and the following three steps we can promote optimal recovery:

STEP 1 : IDENTIFY the true source of your pain during our unique body scanning process using the NEUBIE device.

STEP 2 : RESET the negative neurological patterns and pain signals that your body/brain has become accustomed to.

STEP 3 : BREAK THROUGH to a life of more movement and less pain!

Restore Function After Neurological Injuries

The Neubie capacity for neuromuscular re-education has helped many people recover function that was lost due to M.S., Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Stroke.

Whereas science used to think that the nervous system was hard-wired, we now know that it is possible to change the nervous system’s connections and structures. Everyone has some capacity for neuroplasticity, they just need enough of the right kind of stimulation -- such as that provided by the Neubie device -- in order to tap into that capacity. The 3 Steps to Optimal Recovery can help you tap into neuroplasticity by:

STEP 1 : IDENTIFYING where your neurological deficits are.

STEP 2 : STIMULATING the deficient areas in order to tap into the power of neuroplasticity.

STEP 3 : BREAKING THROUGH barriers to improve function.

For some people, the NeuFit Method has brought slight increases in balance and proprioception, better movements and increased range of motion and the ability to complete activities of daily living. In some cases, it has been as dramatic as helping people get out of wheelchairs and learning to walk again.

Improve Performance

Athletic Performance is not just in the body, it’s also in the brain. Your brain controls your movement, muscles, and overall health. Above all else, your brain prioritizes survival and wants to be sure you live to see tomorrow. That often means your brain will “put on the brakes,” limiting your performance to ensure that you don’t get injured.

What does this actually mean?

It means that a targeted, neurological intervention like The NeuFit Method can make a difference in your performance.

At GT Elite Performance, we will train you to boost your performance with:

1 : The NEUBIE to re-educate your muscles to perform at their highest possible levels.

2 : Strategic mobility drills to bulletproof your joints and improve movement quality and capacity.

3 : Large doses of eccentric movement to train the muscles to become more pliable and absorb greater amounts of force.

4 : Other unique exercises and techniques that will amplify your ability to perform at a high level -- starting with the brain and working their way down.

Check out the resources below or call today to see how the Neubie can hep you!

How does the Neubie work and what makes it different from other E-stim devices?

Virtually all e-stim devices on the market utilize some form or another of alternating current (AC). These devices are great at masking pain signals for temporary relief or improving blood and lymph flow through mechanical pumping. However, these devices are essentially useless in affecting long-lasting changes in the neuromuscular system due to the inability to reach a high enough level to enact change. When raised to the level needed to enact change, AC devices actually "lock-up' the individual through muscular co- contraction which may in-fact reinforce compensatory and dysfunctional movement patterns.

In Contrast, the Neubie utilizes a direct current (DC) with a unique waveform that closely resembles the way charges occur naturally in the nervous system. This results in minimized protective responses and the ability to perform restorative or functional movements throughout the stimulation.

Although the Neubie has many uses, the most unique is that of the diagnostic scan. This process is characterized through the use of a stationary electrode and another that is "scanned" around the body. This scanning stimulates the sensory receptors that report things like pressure, vibration, temperature, etc. The fastest pathways, and those we wish to target, are that of the Golgi Tendon Organ and the Muscle Spindle. These pathways are designed as protective mechanisms to prevent muscle tearing and straining but are often hyper-sensitive as a result of things like repeated, sustained postures or past injury. The diagnostic scan identifies these areas of hypersensitivity and thus the source of limitation preventing normal force production and healthy movement patterns.

After identifying the sources of limitation our goal is to "re-program" the receptors in these areas through stimulation and specific movement protocols. The stimulation creates an increased load that the body learns to adapt to and learns that movement in these areas is healthy and normal. Results experienced by Clients are often immediate and include increased range of motion, greater strength, less pain, and greater quality of movement. These immediate increases are different than those found in training or traditional rehabilitation programs that take an extended time. In the case of the Neubie, the body is learning to more efficiently use the muscles and force distribution systems that are already there, essentially accessing all of their hidden potential.